We’ve been selling fragrances to friends and family since 2015, managing this using a huge price list in Excel and sending copies of the latest version to people upon request. As orders have increased, this has become increasingly unwieldy, and organising PayPal payments from people isn’t always convenient.

We’ve launched this website to help simplify the process. But how does it work?

Basically we buy the largest bottles of fragrance money can buy, and we buy them in bulk for our most popular ones. These are  usually 250ml – 500ml size bottles – so pretty big! We split these up into sizes from 2ml-50ml, making them much more affordable – something that might cost £220 in the shops might be yours for as little as £79 – the fragrance is the same, and 100% genuine. Unlike several brands that are popular on social media at the moment, we aren’t using clones that don’t live up to their promised quality – it’s real fragrances every time.