Spray Sizes

We do several sizes of fragrances, so it’s good to know what each size is and the benefits of each one.


Our plastic 2ml sprayers are a great size for trying out a fragrance for the first time before getting a larger one. Depending on how thick the fragrance is, you should get around 20 sprays at least from a 2ml sprayer. They’re sturdy, fit into pockets and bags easily. They can take a knock, so you don’t have to worry about them being smashed in your suitcase. These make great sample sets or table gifts at Christmas.


The 5ml are identical to the 2ml ones – just a little larger – so all the same benefits apply! They are super portable and durable, you just get a bit more in them!


For 10ml size, we move from plastic to glass. This is because although plastic is generally fine for holding fragrance for long periods of time, if left alone for a long time it can affect the fragrance. As 10ml sizes and above might start to form part of a rotation or collection, it makes more sense to use inert glass to ensure these last you as long as possible. They are slimline so still tuck away conveniently, but you do have to take a little more care of them. These make great bridesmaid gifts too!


Our 30ml sizes come in a premium bottle made of thick glass, with a generous fine spraying mechanism and a silver collar. They’re very durable (although I wouldn’t drop one in a hurry!), look good and will keep your fragrance safe for years if you store them well.


The 50ml size is identical to the 30ml size – just larger!