Creed – Jardin Di Amalfi


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Jardin d’Amalfi (2011) is part of the Les Royales Exclusifs collection for Creed, a super-niche line if you will, or an even higher-priced prestige line with an already-expensive luxury/prestige niche house that competes with the likes of Roja Dove and Clive Christian on price per ml.

Within this collection there are ups and downs like with any perfume house regardless of price point, and Jardin d’Amalfi is thankfully one of the ups. A beautiful scent showcasing what Creed does best, Jardin d’Amalfi is traditional citric floral ambergris scent that uses modern wizardry to get an “eternal freshness” from it’s top and heart, on a smooth clear ambergris/ambroxide house Creed base.

For me, this sort of comes across like what an Atelier Cologne composition could be like with greater performance and more attention to detail, and there is an impeccable level of finesse to this I have found in few other places dealing with these kinds of notes.

Top Notes
Amalfi tangerine, Sicilian lemon, Bergamot, Pink berries, Neroli

Heart Notes
Virginia cedarwood, French apple, Bulgarian rose

Base notes
Haitian vetiver, White musk, Cinnamon


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