Thierry Mugler – Mugler Cologne


Light and fresh unisex Fragrance from Thierry Mugler

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Inspired by the clean fresh scent of a soap from Mugler’s childhood, Cologne was designed to appeal to people who don’t really like fragrance!

Cologne draws on the tradition of early colognes, it is fresh and citrus-sy and is the olfactory opposite of the distinctive scent of Angel.

The scent contains a mystery ingredient, only known as ‘S’… maybe it’s Sausage?, Salmon?, Soap?, Selotape?.. or maybe its ‘S-Perfume’ all over again!

The bath line includes a scent free natural crystalline alum stone deodorant, which lasts an age, and you can add your own fragrance too.

Notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain, Orange flower, “S”, White Musk

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2ml, 5ml