Xerjoff – 1861 Naxos


Next-level fragrance that will make you reconsider future cheaper buys – it’s that good!

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With its passionate, Mediterranean character, Xerjoff’s 1861 Naxos Eau De Parfum conveys a joyous vitality thanks to its citrus notes, blended with mellow flower notes and enhanced by the sharp and audacious contrast of precious spices. Naxos expertly blends classical, light and fruity citrus top notes with precious scents, ranging from the exotic notes of cinnamon to the sweet notes of vanilla and honey. Its body blends the purity of white flowers and jasmine while lending a bottom note marked by the assertive, masculine scent of tobacco and tonka beans.

Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Honey, Cashmeran, Tobacco, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

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